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Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident or slip and fall, Physiotherapy at Access Rehab Markham can Help You to Feel Better

For someone who has been injured or has a physical disorder, the restrictions of pain, tightness or repetitive injuries can profoundly affect their quality of life.

Access Rehab provides Physiotherapy in Markham to assist you getting back on track.   Access Rehab offers a myriad of services designed to do just that.

Rehabilitation exercises – Through the use of special exercises designed to help with very specific parts of the body, our highly trained physiotherapists can help patients achieve a full range of movement and reduce their pain.

Shockwave Therapy – High intensity pressure waves stimulate a cellular response that promotes accelerated healing, and decreases pain.

Spinal decompression – Using a specially designed table, Access Rehab can gently stretch the spine, allowing the discs between the vertebrae to expand and heal. This decompression therapy can relieve the pain and difficulties of herniated discs, sciatica and disc degeneration.

Vibration Therapy – Using a vibrating device, the client is able to improve their muscle strength and respond more readily to therapy. There have been many clinical studies pointing the effectiveness of this therapy.

Acupuncture – This ancient technique can reduce pain, improve disorders and help heal injuries much more quickly. For thousands of years, Chinese physicians have used acupuncture to treat the very same disorders and injuries that Access Rehab uses it for today.

Laser Therapy – Using powerful, but painless bursts of light, Access Rehab therapists can help the body to heal itself and reduce pain. This therapy is both old and new.

Post surgical rehabilitation – After surgery, many patients need to undergo physiotherapy to regain full use of their body. It’s imperative that this physiotherapy is done only with a highly trained professional that understands the effects of the surgery and exactly what is needed to heal.

Access Rehab Physiotherapists are expert at helping clients recover from a variety of injuries.

Access Rehab Physiotherapy Markham offers dozens of other services to help the body heal itself and to provide clients with the full, pain-free life they deserve.  Custom orthotics, Wii Fit Rehabilitation, Shockwave Therapy, Vibration Therapy, and Spinal Decompression are just some of those services. Through the use of other therapies, such as Massage Therapy, Kinesiology and Chiropractic, Access Rehab is able to help patients to lead healthier lives.

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