Wii Fit Rehabilitation

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wii fit rehabilitation


Wii Fit® has been a great success in the rehabilitation world and has been proven to assist patients with their ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) and fine/gross motor skills. After experiencing a traumatic life changing event, such as a motor vehicle accident, many patients loose their functional abilities used on a day to day basis.  As a result, strength, motivation, and engaging in social activities become non-existent. Fortunately, at Access Rehab, we are proud to provide the most recent interactive gaming which will further the patients’ path to recovery and make their rehabilitation exercise program much more exciting with the all new Wii Active®.

While using Wii Active®, patients will be brought through step by step instruction with their virtual trainer selected at the beginning of the session.  Wii Active® consists of more than 25 activities that are proven to burn calories and improve a persons overall strength, endurance and motivation.  Patients are also able to track their progress by setting specific goals that fit their needs.  Ultimately, each patient is monitored during their exercise program to ensure the highest safety and one-on-one training.

FACT: Wii Active® helps to build, tone and strengthen the following:• Upper Body

• Lower Body

• Cardio

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